Char-Griller 2123 Wrangler Review – Here The Pros And Cons Of The Charcoal Grill

Char-Griller 2123 Wrangler Charcoal Grill

Many products are available in the market for you, true BBQ enthusiasts, who love charcoal flavor and always want a traditional charcoal grill. The Char-Griller 2123 Wrangler is one of the most popular. Many users have stated that the barrel style grill offers good value for money. Read on to see if the grill is a good fit.

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Measuring 35″ (L) x 29″ (W) x 50″ (H), it is not overly large. Not too large, not too small. With 435 sq. inch of cooking space, it is perfect for small or big family barbecues. To increase grill area, the grill features 200 square inches of warming rack. As the name implies, you can use it to keep things warm after it has been cooked on the main grill.

The Wrangler also comes with three shelves. The wooden side and front tables are geat for food preparation or for holding BBQ tools. The side and front tables do not fold down. The bottom shelf is perfect for storing left over charcoal. To enhance your grilling needs, a number of attachments are also offered by the company that include side fire box and rotisserie.

The smoker attachment is for you who love savory smoked flavors. While it is possible to slow cook food without the smoker box, the add-on will make the process easier. As of this writing, the side fire box that fits this model, Char-Griller 2424, costs around $70. The rotisserie kit which is great for whole birds is priced around $40.

The grill grates features cast-iron construction. The grate comes in three sections. The grates are not adjustable, but you can raise or lower the fire grate that holds the coals. With the adjustable fire grate, regulating heat will not be a big challenge. Even better, the cast iron cookware comes with a temperature gauge on the lid that lets you to know how hot your grill is, making it a good option for people who are just starting out.

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For 100 bucks, this charcoal Char-Griller is reasonably priced. The overall design seems good. The ash tray makes cleaning and disposing of ash easy. The four large round legs allow for sturdy support. If you want a grill which is easy to move around then this probably is not the best choice for you. The wheels that come with the grill are made of plastic. Some people wish the wheels were of sturdier construction. That said, this should not be a big deal.

With so many positive reviews for this product, it can be said that the 2123 Wrangler is an above average charcoal grill. This grill is made of steel and cast iron, meaning it will rust if not properly maintained. Some customers have reported that it does not seal well. That said, many customers seem very pleased with the construction. It looks well built.

Setting this up could be challenging. Complaints have been made about the assembly directions. Having an extra hand is recommended when putting it together. However, customer feedback indicates that it is not that hard to assemble. Based on customer reviews, the grill/smoker serves its purpose well.

People have found that it holds heat adequately. You can always grill with the lid closed to retain the heat. There is no such a perfect grill for everyone. If you plan to cook a bunch of stuff at one time, larger models are offered by the company. Have a look at the Char-Griller Pro Deluxe that offers 830 inches total cooking space.

The Char-Griller Outlaw that comes with 725 square inches of primary and 338 square inches of secondary cooking area is also worth taking a closer look. That said, if what you want is a traditional charcoal grill with a moderate surface area, then based on user feedback you would be satisfied with the Wrangler.

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