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Smoke Hollow 205 Review - Here Are The Pros And Cons Of The Portable Propane Gas Grill

Smoke Hollow 205 Review – Here Are The Pros And Cons Of The Portable Propane Gas Grill

Smoke Hollow 205 Stainless Steel, Portable Table Top Propane Gas Grill

If you are looking for a portable gas grill to pack for trips, the Smoke Hollow 205 may just be perfect for you. It will also suit you who need a small cooker for quick meals at home. The product, which is offered by a company called Outdoor Leisure Products, comes with an affordable price. This article reviews the tabletop grill, with the pros and cons.

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Based on the product description, the Smoke Hollow 205 provides 305 square inches total cooking area. You would not want to cook for 10 people with this. That said, it is large enough to serve a family of four at one time. The extra hanging rack can be used to warm items such as bread or rolls. It is for you who want to cook food more slowly. The warming rack is removable.

Heat output, as stated in the ad is 10000 BTU. There are 3 different heat settings; low, medium and high. You regulate heat output by turning the dial at the tank connection. The burner is U-shaped and is replaceable. No multiple burners. You may want to compare to similar models here. The Coleman RoadTrip, for instance, utilizes two 10,000 BTU straight burners.

This small form factor BBQ is set up for propane. Small, disposable propane tanks that campers use can be bought in many locations. With a connector kit, it can it be hooked up to a larger propane tank. The Smoke Hollow 205 provides push button ignition. The burner can also be lit manually. The thermometer on the lid is another positive point of this inexpensive grill.

Item dimensions are 26.5 inches high x 12.125 inches wide x 16.5 inches deep.
It can be a great option for you who do not have room for a regular one. People like how little space it takes up. This small gas grill is light enough to carry. The large handle makes carrying comfortable. The locking latch keeps the grill closed so you can carry it by the handle like a briefcase. The legs fold for easy storage and transporting.

The grease catcher seems to do the job. Drip pan is easy to remove and clean. Excess grease can be emptied easily by rotating a sping tab and sliding the tray out from under the grill. Located under the cooking grid is a piece of metal called flavor activator. The natural food juices from cooking fall onto it and vaporize, giving the food that unique barbecued flavor.

The Smoke Hollow 205 is one of the most popular propane gas grill at Amazon.com. The product is currently rated 4.1/5 stars. It continues to be one of the best options for portable tabletop grill on the market. However, not everything about this product is positive. Some of the reviewers have made negative remarks about this tabletop model.

One complaint that has been made about the grill relates to temperature control. It gets really hot even at low setting. Some of the customers have reported that minimum flow gets to 400 degrees. Others have found that the unit gets hotter on the left side than the right. That said, uneven heating is something to expect with any portable grill.

Despite such negative feedback, most of the customer reviews have been very positive. People generally have been impressed with the craftsmanship of this BBQ. Positive comments have been made in regard to its attractive stainless steel design. It heats up fast and is very easy to clean after use. The nice compact BBQ comes mostly pre-assembled. Not much to do to put it together. You just have to put the handle, the igniter and the regulator.

The Smoke Hollow 205 may or may not be the right choice for you. It is not a feature-rich tabletop grill. There is no a very accurate way to adjust the temperature. However, if you do not want the expense of the big grills and have a need for a portable gas grill with plenty of cooking area, then it is one product to consider.

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