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Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Review - Why This Charcoal Grill Is One To Consider

Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Review – Why This Charcoal Grill Is One To Consider

Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill

The Weber 121020 may be the right choice for you who have a need for a lightweight, portable grill that is easy to take wherever you go. Weber is known as a very good brand for grills. Priced around $50, it certainly is not the cheapest solution for outdoor grilling. That said, there are a number of functionalities that a simple grill does not offer. This article is a review of the small charcoal grill, its pros and cons and everything in between.

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With a 160 sq. in. of cooking area, it is big enough for cooking small meals for 2 to 4 people. It will hold six average size burgers at once. The compact size means it does not take a huge amount of charcoal to get good heat. No need to use a ton of fuel for a couple of hamburgers or steaks. Coming with a rectangular shape, this grill is more functional than the typical round version.

No gauges, bells, or whistles but it still comes with a list of good features that appeal to many grillers. The plated steel legs fold up and lock the lid in place, making it very easy to transport or store. There is a metallic clip that holds the legs together. With the support stands, there is no need to worry about heat from the coals damaging your table top.

The rectangular Go Anywhere also comes with a ventilation system that allows you to adjust the inside temperature while grilling. Two on the sides and two on top. It might take a bit of practice to get the hang of adjusting the vents. However, the venting system is one of the most impressive aspects of this outdoor cooking device. Simply close the vents and put the lid back on to extinguish the coals.

The porcelain coated cookbox suggests that this little webber will hold up for a long time. This grill comes equipped with a plated steel cooking grate and a steel charcoal grate. There is no adjustment for height of the cooking surface. The top lid can hang on the side so no need to find a place to set it down when you need access to your food while cooking. The lid also works as a litte shield to block the wind.

Some assembly is required prior to use but all you will need is a Philips screwdriver. Simple instructions are included. At 14.5 pounds, it is not very heavy at all. The dimensions for this grill are 12.2″ (D) x 21″ (W) x 14.5″ (H). Nice and compact. This model also comes equipped with plastic handles on the sides and top.

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The Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill has been reviewed by a lot of its customers at Amazon.com. The feedback has generally been very positive. As of this writing, this little outdoor cooker has been given a impressive customer score of 4.6 out of 5.

No product is perfect. A number of criticisms have also been leveled at the product. A few complaints have been made about the the handles, especially the plastic lid handle. Reportedly, it can get too hot to touch. Other criticisms of the product include that the base could be deeper and that the cooking grate is not height adjustable. This grill does not come with a storage bag.

Other than these minor considerations, the vast majority of the customers have been pleased with their purchase of the Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill. It is a little on the small side for indirect cooking. The inside height is not that tall. Designed to be compact, it is ideal for cooking smaller cuts of meat directly over your coals.

If you have been disappointed by the lack of longevity of your portable unit in the past, then the rectangular Go Anywhere reflects the excellent quality Weber is known for. A reviewer has referred to it as “the Cadillac of portable grills”. There is no removable bottom tray. That said, clean up is easy, especially if you line the bottom with a sheet of aluminium foil.

This little grille might not be for everyone. For hardcorder grillers who like to cook huge batches of food, the Weber 751001 22.5-Inch One-Touch Gold Charcoal Grill is one to consider. Looking for a small propane gas grill? Have a look at the Go-Anywhere 1141001. Click here for other options. But if what you want is a mini charcoal grill for small barbecue jobs, it is definitely worth considering. The price will not break the bank.

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